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ONE OF OUR MOST important concerns is the concept of excellent design as a means of service. This benefits our clients and also the community. In realizing the impact that architecture has on the shapes of cities, and in the understanding that man must live in the spaces defined by these shapes, we are committed to quality of design as a service to all.


We employ superbly qualified professionals to produce designs in this manner. The principal in our firm has sixteen years experience in the full range of architectural design and construction; from single family to multi-family buildings to large scale commercial projects. We have won the acclaim of our community as is demonstrated by the recognition of excellence by the Greater Houston Builder's Association's Prism Award, which we have earned seven times.


We believe that it is a privilege to practice architecture, and with this privilege we accept the responsibility to produce design that express intelligent ideas. Ours is the challenge and opportunity to determine that shape of things to come.




Concrete Construction Inc.


Commercial . Residential . Structural . Decorative

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